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Nathan "Cable" etc etc Summers ([personal profile] apocalypse_never) wrote2012-09-25 09:56 pm


[Previously: the out-of-continuity recap page.]

Somewhere offscreen, a hollow Demi Moore rumble of a voice says: Bodyslide by two!

Two men appear -- literally, appear -- in the middle of the room. Both are tall and muscular; only one, however, is spandex-clad and heavily armed. But the other guy's got a metal arm and a weird whited-out eye, so they're probably both pretty eye-catching.

"Dammit, Wade," grumbles the one who isn't (currently) bristling with swords, guns, and pouches. Halfheartedly exasperated or not, he's mostly scanning the room. Bemusedly.

"What!" protests the other. "What what, how is this my fault? I'm pretty sure the only person who has a teleportation device from the future is you. Just because you can't use it by yourself isn't my fault. Except for how it is. But I choose to ignore that."

Cable and Deadpool, ladies and gentleman and others.