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Name:Nathan "Cable" etc etc Summers
Nathan Dayspring Askani'son Summers -- Nate to his friends, Cable to most -- has an extremely convoluted personal history. Let's go with the gist: grizzled super-soldier born in the present, raised in a dystopian future of constant warfare. He time-traveled back to the present with the goal of a) preventing the evil immortal Apocalypse from taking over, and b) relatedly, shaping the future to be better than the one he left.

Sometimes his efforts here work out better than others.

Cable knows a lot of spoilers about the future. They may or may not relate to your timeline, though. His hope for the world beats out his cynicism about it, but not always by a large margin.

Until recently, Cable was one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, with a formidably useful telekinesis talent as well. He had some of that power burned out and most of the rest surgically removed in a plan too complicated to explain. The upshot is that the power at his disposal is currently pretty minimal, although his mental shields are as solid as they can possibly be without much telepathy to back them up.

Physically, Cable is an imposing figure: white-haired and scarred, standing well over six feet with an enormously muscular frame. Sometimes he wears spandex and pouches and armor; sometimes he wears fatigue pants and a tank top. (But he always looks as if he's done his shopping at either an Army surplus store or a superhero surplus warehouse.) He's frequently armed, often heavily so, but not always. He has a lot of scars, but the most noticeable is three slices forming a sort of asterisk around his right eye.

He's also about half metal. No, seriously. He was infected as a baby with a techno-organic virus that would turn his body into a roiling contagious mass of machinery if it weren't constantly being held in check by future medicine and his telekinesis. (He has just enough telekinesis left to keep it in check, which right now doesn't leave him enough left over to pick up a paperclip.) His left arm is a solid mass of metal; it moves just like a normal arm, but it packs a wallop. His left eye is a blank inhuman white, because it's mechanical too. The left side of his torso and neck continue the theme.

Cable is the property of Marvel comics, Rob Liefeld, etc etc. I am none of these people! I am instead a humble amateur playing him occasionally in sandbox games. This really, really does not earn me any money.

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annoying people, askani, bazookas, being a messiah, big guns, convoluted personal timelines, deadpool, defeating apocalypse, domino, explosions, grenades, guns, hope, inspiring people, irene merryweather, it's complicated family, it's complicated friendships, lasers, lots of guns, machine guns, madelyne prior, more ordnance, not being a messiah, ordnance, peace, pouches, preventing apocalypse, preventing dystopian futures, professor, providence, really big guns, rocket launchers, scott summers, shoulder armor, spoilers, telekinesis, telepathy, time travel, tolerance, unity, wade wilson, world peace, worldwide harmony, x-men

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